Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you to Jaycee and her family

I heard Jaycee's attorney on a few radio and television shows today. One of the messages he passed along from Jaycee and her family was that they wanted the media to feature other children who are still missing, rather than her. That is just so kind hearted of them. Even if she doesn't know anything about any other children, she may yet be responsible for helping to bring them home.


  1. I also saw him on GMA. It is indeed kind hearted of her and her family. I pray for you and your family that she can lead your daughter home soon! Praying for you daily!

  2. Dear Sharon:

    I know you want Nancy Garrido to tell what (if anything) she knows about your daughter's disappearance.

    Have you thought of going down to the jail or prison where Nancy is staying? Perhaps you could have a woman to woman talk with her. You could tell her how much you love and miss your daughter. Explain that all you want to know is where your daughter is. Or what happened to your daughter. Tell Nancy that you don't blame her -- that you feel that Nancy is one of Phillip Garrido's victims too. You come across as such a kind-hearted, compassionate, understanding and forgiving woman that Nancy might tell you if you ask.

    If that is not possible, have you thought about having your attorney ask her if she knows anything about Michaela's disappearance?

    I am assuming that the police have already questioned Nancy about Michaela and Ilene. I am afraid that Nancy might be too frightened to tell the police if she does know. Her lawyer probably told her not to answer their questions. She might think she will get in more trouble if she tells that anything about Michaela.

    But if you ask her yourself, Nancy just might tell you. Perhaps you could ask your lawyer or the police if asking Nancy yourself might be possible. If your lawyer or the police think it is a bad idea, then don't do it.

    I hope you don't think I am overstepping my boundaries. I am just trying to be helpful. I like you, and I will be very happy for you when Michaela comes home.

    In the meanwhile, I will be praying, wishing and hoping for you and Michaela.

  3. I have tentatively reached out to Nancy Garrido, by speaking to someone who has been in touch with her, who has been able to minister God's love to Nancy, and perhaps that is why she has been put on my heart. I know there will be a lot of people out there who will want to trash this notion, but I would ask you to pray for Nancy. And if you have questions about this, go back and read my original post on Nancy. If Nancy knows anything at all, I do believe she will tell us eventually, because I do believe her heart will tell her to.

    In my speaking about Nancy, I do want to stop and respect Jaycee's family. I fully recognize that Jaycee is Nancy's victim, and I would not want to dishonor Jaycee's family in any way by suggesting that people ever forget that. If she could tell me what happened to my daughter, I would ask that she be given immunity for whatever she told us, but I have no place in suggesting any leniency with regard to Jaycee's case. That is up to Jaycee's family, and God.

    Some things are black and white, some shades of gray. There is so much that I don't know. But God knows all, and I believe that he is going to move on Nancy's heart.

    And just so we know ahead of time, if you want to post any angry comments, I will read them, and if you give me an e-mail address I might answer them, but I will not publish them here.

  4. I think about you and Michaela everyday. I hope you find her and she will be back with you soon. My heart hurts for you. I worry for your daughter but I know that she feels your love. Please know that you have other mothers like myself out in the world standing beside you. We are here.


  5. Not to throw cold water on you, Sharon, but how can we be sure that the Garridos were involved in Michaela's disappearance?

    The physical description of the perp doesn't really match well with Garrido. Garrido was in his late 30s at the time of your daughter's kidnapping, while the suspect was described as being in his early 20s. Also, the suspect was described as blond, but Garrido has dark hair.

    Then again, we are going on a description given by the only witness, a frightened 9-year-old girl. So who knows?

  6. Dear Sharon,

    Not posting any notes that you feel are angry would be fine with me.

    I have absolutely no information to help you find Michaela. I am just a person who read about your blog and started reading it. I like you because you seem to be such a kind-hearted, compassionate person. I am sorry for all the heartache that you have gone through.

    I have four daughters myself. Two blondes and two redheads. The blondes are grown now, but they are younger than Michaela and Jaycee. Jaycee Dugard looks like a cross between my two blond daughters. My second daughter told me in a phone conversation that Michaela looks like my oldest daughter. I have to agree. I suppose that is part of the reason why I am interested in Michaela's case. Michaela reminds me of my own little girl.

    I suppose another part of the reason why I am interested in the case is because Phillip Garrido reminds me of the young men I knew when I was a girl. I always thought of hippies being peace-loving and non-violent. I never thought of hippies as being dangerous. Phillip Garrido shattered that illusion. Like Charles Manson, Phillip Garrido proved that some hippies were just evil drug addicts and sex addicts.

    If you want to email me privately, that would be fine. My email address is I don't know what a URL is. I hope in time you will come to think of me as a friend.

    Best wishes for you and your family. I meant what I said earlier. I will be very happy for you when Michaela comes home.

    P.S. Please don't post this on your blog. I just wanted you to know that I understand that you won't post any angry letters.

    P.S.S. I read about the man who took Michaela having a lot of pimples or boils on his face. That suggests to me that he may have been addicted to crystal meth (speed.) But you have probably heard that before.

  7. As I read your posts, I just want to tell you how much I am moved by your graciousness. I know it is only by the grace of God that you are able to minister to others whether through your posts here or personal appearances. You have every right to be mad as ever and I can see your grief when I see you on a program talking about Michaela's abduction, but when I hear you speak or read something you've so elegantly written, I am impressed with how calm and rational you are. It's easy for us to follow your story and give our "expert" advice, and I hope you can forgive us who have absolutely no idea what you've been through and continue to go through. I just wanted you to know that I can see how God is helping you keep it together. We could all learn from you! Bless you!

  8. I saw you on America's Most Wanted and I just wanted you to know that I am still praying for you and your precious baby. No matter how old she is now, I know, as a mom, that she will always be your baby. I hope and pray that you will find comfort in the fact that you will be with her again, someday, either on this earth or in the life God grants all believers after this one. My hope is that she is found and reunited with you here in this one though. Your faith in God is such a blessing to us all.
    God's blessings be you and your whole family.

  9. Every time I come here, I find myself with tears in my eyes, deeply moved by the love of Christ within your heart.

    I am agreeing in prayer for Nancy to open her mouth and say what she knows about other cases. I was encouraged recently by the man who had kidnapped another young woman who told her family where the body was and what happened. If he opened his mouth, I am believing that Nancy or even Philip can.

    Mostly, the daily cry of my heart is that the Lord will set all of the captives free. Anyone who is being unlawfully held captive by anyone - male or female, young or old or in between - may every locked door open wide - by the power of His Name.

    I am also praying that answers would come forth for all of the families who are missing loved ones - even if the rocks and trees have to cry out.

  10. I found your blog through a link on a website article about your daughter. I was so intrigued by your writing that I ended up spending hours reading all of your blog, as well as your website. I wanted you to know that your faith in the Lord, and your journey to find that faith, have truly moved me. I was looking for something to prove to me that God is real, and I honestly feel like your story did that for me. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles with us, I believe you have touched more people than you will ever know. I will pray for your daughter every day and continue to check back on your blog for news, I truly hope with all of my heart that she will return to you soon!! I know you probably hear these types of things all of the time, and I am just a 21 year old girl anonymous to you, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all of this. You have truly touched my life, as has your daughter. I will hope & pray for her until her return. You are both in my thoughts, always!!

  11. This is a prayer for Michaela (and all missing children):

    Dear God
    I pray to You to protect
    And guide Michaela
    You have infinite mercy
    I pray to to You to end this suffering
    And bring Michaela home safe
    Back into the arms of her loving family

    Sharon and Michaela, you are in my prayers everyday.

  12. sharon,what does your heart say?
    i somehow feel that michaela is alive,but u know,she was taken at 9 & its been 21 years.maybe she doesnt know anything must be hard 4 her to come home.i just pray for the day that she will..i hope some how she will see this or news about you looking 4 her.

  13. Keep the faith..keep on smiling..there are so many friends who are praying...


  14. I first saw your story on a national program, I can't remember what, because I was in my teens at the time. And I remember thinking, "Michaela", what a beautiful name! It exploded in popularity a few years later but I'll never forget your Michaela. I wish whoever has the answers you're looking for would come forward.

  15. Sorry -- just saw today that there were comments to be moderated which didn't go to my e-mail. Abusedacademic, I think part of the problem is that you have seen the wrong composite. There is a composite with blonde hair which was done by a police officer's wife with no input from the eyewitness, and which the eyewitness has said is not accurate. The kidnapper did not have that blonde hair, he had greasy "dirty blonde hair," which is actually a dark color. And as for age, as you said, the eyewitness was a child, so to her early twenties was an old man.

    Our eyewitness has seen the pictures of Garrido and thinks he looks like the man she saw.

    HOWEVER, Jaycee's contribution does not rest on Garrido being the kidnapper. I do not by any means confine my hopes of finding Michaela to this theory. Jaycee's kidnapping has garnered tremendous publicity for Michaela and other missing children, and we have received numerous leads.

    You certainly haven't thrown cold water on anything. I'm sorry that you would think to do so.