Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Michaela,

This morning I watched a moth fluttering at the window.  I always have a special empathy for the insects I find in my windows.  If they are at the screen and I am closing the window, I always make sure to get them out first, because I know that if they are trapped in between they will die.  Most often I will catch them in a cup and take them outside, because I know they are just trying to get free.  They can see the outdoors, the trees where they live, where maybe their families or colonies reside, but even though it seems to be right there in front of them they cannot get through this impenetrable, invisible barrier.

I wonder, Michaela, if you are like this moth at the window?  You can see us here now.  Surely after all the publicity after Jaycee, you have found us.  You can see me, you can see your family and your home, and you know we are waiting for you, longing for you.  I believe you long for us also, but perhaps you just don't know how to get through that invisible barrier.  So I send you these letters, and they are kind of like the cup I use to scoop up the insects and carry them outside.  They are always terrified and reluctant when they are confronted with this cup.  They think they are going to die.  But then I lift the lid and there they are, free.

While I was thinking this morning, it occurred to me that there might be other people who would read my blog as well -- people who are separated from their families for one reason or another.  Perhaps they are runaways, or perhaps they have been abducted by a parent.  I just want to say that even though this is me writing to my missing daughter, you should take my words for yourself also.  Somewhere there is someone who misses you, and no matter what the time or circumstances, no matter what may have happened or what you may have done, your family loves you, and longs for you.  So go home.  Call them, write to them, go and knock on the door.  Don't be like a moth at the window, who will die from the heat of the sun and the lack of nourishment while it sees visions of freedom it can't obtain.

And Michaela, once again ..."I love you forever....  As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."



  1. Oh Sharon,

    How beautiful that you would speak to others who may be estranged also.

    I suspect that your blog will be read by many types of people.

    Years ago, I remember hearing a prophetic man speak about giving a word of knowledge at a conference to someone who had been held captive in chains in a basement. He called that person forward, but was surprised when something like 5 or more women came forward. I wish I remember who the speaker was, because he had a Word from the Lord that I know would encourage you, but it made me wonder how many people have gone through this.

    Looking at the extreme dysfunction of this modern society, perhaps it will even be read by some who have kidnapped children or might be considering it.

    May the light and salt in your words make everyone thirsty to set things right.

  2. Just wanted to tell you thank you. My brother n law (but I just call him my brother) is in the military and he and his three kids and my sister live in Alaska, while I am here in NC. But you put me in mind them. They won't be back for 4 years. Even though I can't get to them right now, I know that they are there, and one day the military will let them come home safely, I just gotta wait for that cup :) and I will get to hold my niece, and my two nephews again...Even if they are much older. I still read your blog everyday, and I say a little prayer for you...but this time you helped me. It was a wonderful metaphor, to help me understand why they can't come home yet. If I am making any since, I just want to say thank you!! And I will tell my mom, who misses them a lot too.


  3. I don't know what to say to you. I heard about your story weeks ago in people magazine. I did a search and came across you web page for your daughter. I am amazed at your strength. This has always been my greatest fear, that someone would take my children. My daughter who is now 14 told me that she wished there was something we could do to help. My wish this Christmas is that your family gets the peace they need, one way or the other. I am so sorry that this happened to you family and too your daughter.


  4. Dear Sharon,

    I have lived in the Bay Area all my life. I remember having heard about Michaela's kidnapping back when I was a kid myself. Then years later I found your MySpace page, and now

    Your words are so full love, hope, they are so genuine. When Jaycee Dugard's case came into the spotlight, just like you, I so hoped that you would either be reunited with Michaela or at least get a more clear answer of what has happened to Michaela or her possible whereabouts.

    I cannot imagine having had to wonder as much as you have, all these years. I truely hope that you will be reunited very very soon with Michaela.