Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Michaela,

This morning I was talking with your little sister, and I had to tell her, don't hold your heart back for fear of having it broken.  If you draw back from love out of fear, you engender fear in the one you love, and you end up bringing what you fear upon you.  You've just got to put your heart out there, and even if it does get broken a time or two, it's worth it for having allowed yourself to experience and express those tender feelings for another person. 

For me, I would pay all the sorrow I've experienced just for the joy of having loved you.  It is your sorrow, and your fear, that is too costly. 

I love you, baby.


  1. Wonderful advice! I never thought that way before - not being afraid to put your heart out there. Thank you.

    I am trying to be more thankful - for diverse experiences, the experience of love - it is good to be grown through it all. Mistakes are made, but good can still come.

    The pain of missing Michaela must be heartwrenching - if only I could go back to that Thanksgiving and bring Michaela right back home with her family where she belongs. Of course that wouldn't be possible because I was a teenager then living in Atlanta where I am once again. But your pain is not in vain - people are coming to your blog and we are resonating the same thoughts and growing spiritually. Michaela has probably saved many other children too.

    My heart has been on Michaela for an awfully long time, and I am a complete stranger. At work this morning we were talking about CSI so I talked about Michaela. Most people don't know her story(here in the southeast), so I laid it out along with Garrido's similarities. People have heard of Jaycee's miraculous recovery, but are pretty foggy on details unlike me - I have always had a heart for missing persons and I was worried about myself until seeing more of the internet community and Michaela's story. There are really a lot of people out there with the same heart!!! Well, at work I just laid out the physical coincidences - Garrido's place being so close to Michaela's kidnapping spot, the car similarity, and the description similarity (tall and thin). Not to mention the sketch- the cheekbones sure look similar(good job Trina). Similarities like CSI discovers was the consensus.

    And to think he sits in jail unable to be questioned about Michaela? While a mother's heart continues to cry out for her daughter? And I keep checking this blog hoping for some news? I will be really mad if it is him and he knows where she has been the whole time.

  2. I want to let you know that I am praying. I am praying for you and the pain that your family is going through.I am praying for Michalea that she will be brought home safe and sound to you one day, and that she is safe out there. I think she is alive, and just like Jaycee is unable for some reason to come home on her own. I like Diana have always had a heart for missing people, and was a littled concerned about myself until I saw your blog, and people raising awareness about other missing people and praying for the safe return of each and everyone. And only because I wanted to be able to pray for their safe return home. I am a strong believer in praying, and the powerful miracles that can be produced from them. So please know that people out there are praying for the return of Michalea and we are praying for you and your family! God Bless ya'll and please hold on to your faith! God is with you!