Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Michaela,

I suppose if you are reading this, it is a moot point, but if you want to see me, and see a little of the story of our search for you, we will be on the Oprah show tomorrow.  The show is about Jaycee, and features many missing children, of which you are the first.  You can find the time and channel for wherever you are at:

If you are not reading this, if you are somewhere unaware of our search for you, perhaps you will see this show.  This is a re-run of a show they aired a couple of months ago, and I know that there are many more people who watch this show than all the others we have been on.  So I hope you will see it, and contact someone who can bring you home.

Love you forever, baby girl.


  1. Sharon... hi, so glad i came by and saw this, i will tune in tomorrow. Praying for you both always (hugs) Kim, p.s i will tweet this too!

  2. Dear Merciful God, please give a clue so that Michaela can be found and be back with her family.


  3. i wonder if Michaela knows herself..does she remember herself as a kid..i hope she watches the program sharon..