Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear Michaela,

Well, I haven't written to you for awhile now.  It is true, I will admit it, that my hopes that you might still be alive on this earth somewhere are flagging.  When Jaycee was found, for some reason I really just jumped to the conclusion that you would be found as a result of that.  But it's been months now, and there has been nothing.  So now I am back to where I started.

Whether you are in this world or not, however, I DO believe that you are somewhere.  I do believe that you know that my heart is always set on you.  But I know that it is not sufficient to assume that anyone knows that you love them.  You have to tell them.  You have to show them.  And so I am writing this short letter to you, just to say those words.  "I love you."

This morning, the membership on your facebook group went over a thousand members, which is good especially since it is a pretty new group.  I was on the page, reading the posts, but my eyes kept being drawn back to the photo on you in the corner, the same photo that is on this blog.  Just look at that face.  It has been so long now since I have seen you, but I look at this picture and I can see you, a child with such great depth, such heart, such love.  The child who first stole my heart away.

And I just wanted to tell you ... I love you forever, Michaela.



  1. Dearest Sharon, i haven't come in a while as well, though i think of you often, i do come hoping for updates and hoping to hear your doing well, so many of us pray and are pulling for you and your beautiful daughter. I urge, beg even the person responsible or the persons knowing what happened to Michaela TO COME FORWARD! Sharon deserves to know where her daughter is she has never hurt anyone, and i believe if you do come forward god will have some mercy on you when he has to deal with you, wouldn't you rather have it now then later. Even if you dont say who you are or even if you know who did this and cant say who you are please help Sharon, please let her and her daughter have the peace they so deserve. Please enough is enough you must of had a mother or mother figure, you must be someone's child, you cant possibly be the only one who knows what happened. Its not OK you must come forward. We will never stop looking for Michaela.

  2. I can see the sweet, loving soul behind her eyes in that picture - and understand fully why it's one of your favorites. This letter made me cry and it also made me smile through the tears. Yes, wherever Michaela is, I am certain she feels your love for her surrounding her like a warm, soft blanket.

  3. I still pray and hope with you, Sharon. I think of your sweet daughter often, and send prayers up from my heart, for Michaela, and you, and the rest of your family, who have been on this long journey with you.

  4. I agree Sharon the first word that comes to mind when I see that picture is ANGELIC. Michaela looks like an angel, she glows.

    It's a very magical picture and kinda reminds of the movie Stardust, when the fallen star yvaine with her beautiful blonde hair like Michaelas, glows really brightly whenever she's the happiest. The picture above looks like its a scene from the movie.

  5. Sharon,

    I think of you and your daughter every single day. I can not imagine what you have had to go through, it breaks my heard and sometimes i even cry. I hope that you find the answers that you are looking for , nobody deserves them more than you and your family. I have no children of my own but I have many nieces and nephews that I love as much as I would my own children and I cannot imagine the horror, I did not write this letter to upset you,I just want you to know that the two of you are never far from my thoughts and that you are never alone and Michaela will never be forgotten and the world will never stop searching for her.

  6. Sharon,

    Wherever Michaela may be know you gave her the greatest gift through your love and that love can't be undone, can't be forgotten, she will carry that love with her on through eternity. Evil can't erase that love because it was God given, God driven.


  7. I believe in hope without hope we would be lost. I believe in miracles without miracles we would be without God.
    I believe in the power of prayer without prayer we are nothing.
    I believe there will always be that the chance our child being found without that child we would not even exist.
    Prayers and hope your daughter will be found.

    Karen Stratton
    Mother of Jody Ledkins

  8. Donna D, Mother of Missing William (Billy) Mason, Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaFebruary 9, 2010 at 3:38 PM


    I share your pain, being a mom myself with a missing Child (Billy Mason). I pray for the safe return of your daughter, and will keep her in my prayers along with Billys. Together our love and prayers will bring our children home where they belong. Be strong, and keep the faith. We will have our answers, we will have our children home with us where they belong. You have a wonderful sight here, and your words are very touching, they will reach her, no matter where she is. God bless to you and yours. My arms are wrapped around you with comfort, and prayers.

  9. You know, right now I am feeling complete rage towards the person that took Michaela. I guess I expected her to be found with Jaycee, and when she wasn't, well the sadness that turned to hope has now turned to utter anger! How the hell can someone take a child away from his or her family, allowing that family to live in a horrid limbo? Killing a child is bad enough, but somehow desposing a body so the family has no answers makes me even more outraged. God knows murder is wrong, but living with no answers is worse. Would the sick, sorry excuse for a human who took Michaela please give her family peace of knowing what happened? I mean, for the love of all things holy. This is beyond terrible. And Sharon, you may not believe you are strong, but you are brave indeed. Despite what you might think, you would not have survived this had you not been an amazing, strong person.

  10. I am sorry, but if someone ever kidnapped me i don't know how i would live. Im 11 and my name is Michaela too. Just keep beleving and she will come to you. think happy thoughts, :)

  11. my namme is michaela too. i love my family and hate being away from them. i am 12 years old. i love my family and my animals. i have a horse, and 6 dogs. they would miss me soo much if i was gone.