Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your comments

Wow.  I just looked in my "comments awaiting moderation" box and there are tons of comments in there that I haven't seen!  Generally I moderate them from my e-mail, and I guess not all of them have been getting forwarded to me.  So if I have been "ignoring" your comment, I apologize!  I will try to get through all of these over the weekend!


  1. Just saw this & wondering if you saw it too:


  2. I'm wondering if you have ever had a nagging feeling (instinct) and a certain lead--a little voice fixating you on a certain lead--and pushed for this to be pursued? I know there's so much information that comes your way, but sometimes a "gut feeling" has merit.

  3. Yes, Kim ... unfortunately it's not just one lead! There are several leads I have that nagging feeling about!