Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Michaela

It is Independence Day, Michaela! If you are out there somewhere, you too can be independent, and no fear or desire needs to keep you from it!

Someone asked me if you might be out there and have Stockholm Syndrome, where you actually want to be with your kidnapper and protect whoever it is because you have come to care about them. This would be a good thing for you, of course, but please try to remember your family and how much we love you and miss you. You have a new little sister ... well, not so little anymore, since she is almost 18 now. And Alex has children. Libby is all grown up, and Robbie is 6'4"!

And as for me, my heart is broken. There is a dark hole in the center of my life, and even after almost 23 years it doesn't get any smaller. In fact, sometimes it seems like it's larger. I just take a stray step sometimes, not even realizing that I'm going that way, and fall into that black hole.

Michaela, do you remember? Search back through your mind and heart and find me there. Remember I told you I would always be there in your heart, even if I couldn't be with you sometimes? I am still there. And if you find me, don't let me go.

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I love you, baby girl. I love you forever.



  1. I love reading your blogs to michaela , it touches me so much , as well as millions of people out there. I hope and pray that michaela is found soon , or that you can get some kind of closure or answers . Ive been following michaelas case for a few years already and praying to god all the time to please bring her home safely to you . Your story has touched me so much . It's like I know you , not personally but I do . I love all the beautiful things you write to her , and someday when she reads your blogs , she will love them too . I have a myspace for the missing and also a Facebook . I try to keep missing children and adult faces out there . That's my way of helping . I wish I can do so much more to help . My prayers are always with u Sharon , I send you lots of love from nj . From Martina , I'm star bright on your friends in facebook

  2. I forgot to tell you about a dream I had like two weeks ago . I don't know anything about dreams and their meanings . But I will still share my dream with you and who ever reads this . My mom passed away 11 months ago of cancer . Very strong and beautiful mother she was to us , but god felt it was her time to go and took her . Till this day I still don't believe it at times , it still hurts us like it was yesterday. I've dreamed of her a few times , and 2 of those times I've asked her in my dreams to help me help u ( I sound crazy I know ) but I asked her the first time in my dreams to find out for me if michaela was still here on earth or passed on , she smiled and we spoke about other things , and all along I knew my mom was in heaven but I was talking to her and telling her I miss her n love her , Then i woke up . A few weeks passed and I had another dream with her I hugged her and cried and told her again how much I missed her and asked her questions like how's life in heaven , she told me she was doing fine , then I asked her did she find out for me what I asked her last time , she looked at me as i asked her is she alive ( michaela) and my mom answered yes she's alive . I woke up right at that moment and started crying wondering if my dream is true or not . This was just a dream I had to share . I don't know what this dream could of ment, but I do hope and pray someday Michaela is found prayers are always with u ...hugs from nj martina

  3. Martina, thank you, that was very sweet, and you are so lucky to be able to talk to your mother in your dreams. I don't think I've ever done that, although for a long time I didn't remember my dreams. They are just starting to come back to me recently.

    If you get any more information, let me know. I don't know whether it means anything either, but I wouldn't discount it at all.

    Thank you and bless you,

  4. Thanks Sharon and Bless you too. I wish I can dream about her everynight I miss her so much. Everytime I go to sleep I ask her to visit me in my dreams , I even beg her. I haven't dreamed of her yet since the last dream I told u about. I most defenetly would let you know if she tells me anything about Michaela. Your story has touched me so much. I pray all the time that every missing person in this world could be found. I wish I had some kind of powers to help everyone . My mom raised me with a great heart ,and I help everyone and anyone who needs me . I just wish I can help the missing in someway . Thats why for like 10yrs already I been doing volunteer work for them. I set up a page on myspace, another on facebook, and Ive worked with a team of volunteers on They provided me with an email for myself so that I can help them by sending posters ,and copies of missing peoples faces out there to like radio stations,offices, and other places . They use to send me a few work to do every week ,and with an open heart I did it . Lately I haven't went on my email in foreversearching , because of work and sometimes I come out late, and Im to tired, but will be back soon with them .I guess what Im trying to say is I love to work for the missing and help in every way possible. Anything to keep their faces out there . God blessed me with a big heart , so I will use it in a big way. Ill stop here for today, my prayers are always with u , and your family...lots of love to you sharon from Martina