Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Michaela

I have been going through some of your things this morning. I am meeting tomorrow with the City of Hayward. They have been putting up murals all over the city and I think they have agreed to do one for you. So I've been looking for inspiration. I didn't find the particular drawing of yours I was looking for, but I did find your school journal, kept in the months right before your kidnapping. This one here sums you up very well, that making other people is what makes you happy. In fact, I could absolutely swear that I dreamed about this very thing last night.

I love you, Michaela, forever.


  1. It is amazing that she was thinking of helping others when she was herself so little!!! I hope that everyone can find it in their hearts to help this precious child so that she can get the freedom and justice she deserves!!!

  2. Sharon, what great journal entrees she made and what great inspirations for you and us all. This touches my heart very much. I work with preschoolers and all of their innocence and hope is what keeps me going. What a profound young lady she was. :) Thank you for sharing her young life with us.


  3. Sharon, it brings tears to my eyes that Michaela although so young was already thinking about others and that give to others is what makes her happy. What an inspiration to all of us!
    I pray that whoever took Michaela or may know any information please just let her go or come forward with information that can help find her and bring her home.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,
    With love,