Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear Michaela

I woke up at 5:00 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It's still dark outside, but cold and windy, not like that day 23 years ago today when it was so unseasonably warm and sunny that you could go to the store in shorts and a tee-shirt. If only it had been cold that day, so cold that all you wanted to do was stay in the house and keep warm....

The day after you were kidnapped, it started raining -- just a sprinkle at first, but it turned into lasting downpours in the days to come. I thought the angels were weeping for you, my baby girl.  I just hoped that their tears didn't fall on you, and drown you in despair. 

Where are you? Oh where are you? Michaela, I told you that if ever you were alone or scared or sad and I wasn't there, all you had to do was touch your heart and you'd find me there. I don't know if that frail promise helped you, in circumstances beyond what I'd ever imagined. But I'm still there. And you are still here, in my heart, every single day of my life.

I love you, Michaela, for always and forever. Please, please come home.



  1. Sharon, my heart aches with you. I have had you and Michaela in my heart over these past 23 years. I too which she would be found, so you can find peace of mind of knowing were your baby is. Our family has never forgotten you or Michaela. Our love goes out to you.

  2. Dear Sharon,

    I came across Michaela's story on the internet today and just realized that today it's been 23 years since she's been taken from you. I'm praying for you and your family. Please stay strong.

    Love from the Netherlands

  3. I came across your page through some facebook links. 23 years ago today, I was also going through a tragic time in my life. It was my brothers birthday, which should have been a celebration, but instead we were reeling from the fact that my dad had accidently shot himself the night before while cleaning his hunting rifle. As I cried out to God and asked why...I felt God's presence and the realization that my dad was right there with the one whose presence I felt. I realized that he was not somewhere far away..he was right there. I knew my dad loved God with all his heart and he was in His presence. That is when I experienced "the peace that passeth understanding" that the Bible talks about. Phillipians 4:7 says: And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Heaven became a lot more real to me that day.

    I know that if Michaela has made her way to heaven, she is experiencing the love of a heavenly father and the reality of heaven that we really cannot comprehend, and is awaiting the rest of her family in great anticipation. If she is still somewhere on this earth, I believe that God is caring for her. In Psalms 68:5, he says that he is a defender of the helpless and the weak. We may not know where she is, but God does, and he will take care of her.

    I was so worried for my mom, who had just lost the love of her life. But God delivered her from the stages of grief which so many experience. She has been a rock of faith in my life, and God has faithfully supplied all of her needs and given her that same peace. Sharon, I am praying for you on this day that God will touch your heart with his peace as he did mine.

    My love to you and your family.

    PS. This just came to mind...there is a book called "The Shack" by William P. Young. It is a fictional story very similar to your story, and a family dealing with the same questions you no doubt have had, but it has a very powerful spiritual message. I think you would be blessed by the message. It is sold at Walmart and most bookstores.

  4. Thank you, Carol, and thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for your loss, but glad that you and your mother found healing.

    I did read The Shack a couple of years ago.

  5. Dear sharon ,I have been visiting all your blogs. I am a sri lankan.I feel very very sorry about what has happened.I have a daughter of similar age there for I can feel,understand and share your pain.
    I appreciate your continuous love and unending effort throughout last 23 years.You are a very unusual mother.
    I have very strong suspicions on garido for this case.
    1.kidnappings started in your area ,just after his release from prison.
    2.All kidnaps happened withing 20-30 km distence from garidos home.
    3.the last kidnap was jaycaes one.As she remained with him ,He didn't kidnap any other child in your area.
    4.The way of michaelas kidnapping is very similar to jaycae and car is same .Eye witness also recognized the man as very similar to the kidnapped.
    5.There are proven evidence that he caught victims at supermarkets.
    Are these evidence are not enough to make him the suspect?
    I also appreciate your idea of starting nonprofit organization.
    I wish you to have a answer for this problem
    and to have peace in your mind.
    All the best to you and michaela.

  6. Chandanee, Garrido was a very strong suspect in Michaela's case. If you google "Michaela Garecht Garrido" you will see all the work our investigators did on that case. They conducted a massive search of his property, to the point of actually demolishing all the buildings in the back of the property and hauling away all the debris.

    They were prevented from talking to Philip or Nancy Garrido during the time the Jaycee case was in court -- the judge issued an order stating that no police jurisdictions were allowed to speak to Garrido at any time. Once the case was finally over, our investigators interrogated both the Garridos, and gave them polygraph tests, and it was finally determined, after two years, that he was not involved in Michaela's kidnapping.

    We do have other suspects, though, who are much better suspects than Garrido. Their names haven't been in the media, so nobody knows about them except for the people directly involved in Michaela's case.

    Thanks, Chandanee, and thank you for reading all the way from Sri Lanka.

  7. Sharon,
    Have you ever read the book The Baby Thief by
    Barbara Bisantz Raymond? If you have not I would like to suggest your reading it.

    Prayers to you,