Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking for Michaela in the UAE

Michaela, do you remember this photo?
I am putting it in this blog because it is one you would be familiar with.
You would have seen it hanging on the wall in our house.
Do you remember your little velvet dress with the autumn leaves?
Remember, Michaela. Remember.
I have said before that it is my promise to do whatever I can to protect the identity and safety of anybody who comes forward to give me information about Michaela's case, and in addition to that, I try always to protect the integrity of the investigation into Michaela's case, and Michaela's safety as well if that is an issue. But I received a lead recently which I found intriguing. I have gotten in touch with the person who sent the lead, and I specifically told him that what I wanted was for him to give me sufficient information to investigate, but that if he didn't I would have to ask the public to help me with outreach in order to try to get the information he wouldn't give me. He didn't, so here I am.

On February 2nd I got an e-mail which simply said, "She's in the UAE. Changed too much for remember." When I first saw it in my inbox, this was all I saw, and I almost deleted it. My first thought was that it was one of those e-mails asking for $50,000 so someone could claim their foreign royal title. Then it struck me like a lightning bolt that it was about Michaela. Sure enough, it had been sent to the missingmichaela e-mail address.

The e-mail came from Russia. It was not disguised in any way. The sender's e-mail address was there, and he was really easy to trace, and his telephone number was easy to get. I happen to work with an attorney who is from Russia, and he called the man and spoke to him on the telephone. The man denied ever having sent the e-mail. Now this, to me, is an admission in itself. Of course he did send the e-mail. Aside from everything else, I'd sent several replies in English to the e-mail, so if he hadn't sent it he'd have at least known about it, but he claimed to be completely ignorant of it. It would have been so simple, if the guy'd had a dream or a vision or something to just say that, to say, "Oh, well, I think she is there, but I don't actually know anything." For him to deny it altogether makes me believe that he knows something, and for a moment wanted to help, but finally doesn't want to get involved. I mean, it would be really odd for some guy in Russia to just get an urge to write me an e-mail. It is true that there are many people all around the world who know Michaela's story and care about her, but Russia is not one of the places where her case has been publicized, and there are not too many visits from there to my websites. The information we were able to get on this guy also included some rather strange hobbies and sidelines he was involved in, which could have been something that could have caused him to cross paths with human traffickers at some place. The attorney from Russia also told me that the UAE is a common vacation destination among Russians. The UAE is the United Arab Emirates, the Las Vegas of the Middle East for those who don't already know this. Dubai is in the UAE.

There was something in this lead that really captured me. Oh sure, maybe I just wanted to latch onto it because it would mean that Michaela is alive, maybe I'm just looking for that "unrealistic fairy tale ending" as someone who commented on one of my recent blogs called it. But there was something more than that. It lit something up inside me. It connected with repetitive dreams I'd had in the years after Michaela had been kidnapped, about being a stranger in another country. It connected with the poem that Michaela had been written, about people who had been kidnapped and were being held captive "behind the doors of steel." They were "held captive" she'd said. She did not say they'd been killed. She said they were "being held captive." This was from a dream she'd had in the early morning hours just one week before she herself became one of the people who had been kidnapped, and there is no way I can see it as anything other than a premonition.

This happened, of course, in the middle of all the talk about Herzog and the hundreds of bones they were digging up. It was during this time I had the dreams I've written about, and in particular the one in which the clock face turned dark and I discerned from that that the answer was that Michaela had been kidnapped by "Kopek." Funny, but the following day I googled the word Kopek, and it turns out to be a unit of Russian currency. This was in with the dreams of the terrifying thunder and lightning storms.

So this one e-mail was one thing, but the following week I received a second e-mail, sent from a different continent than the first one. This one was from a woman in the United States. It said, and I quote: "First of all, I send you my heartfelt expression of sorrow on your tragic experience as a mother of a missing daughter. I am so sorry that your precious child Michaela was forcibly kidnapped to the Persian Gulf region (UAE I believe) at the age of 9 in 1988. I have no kids of my own, but I imagine perhaps the hardest thing for you is the lack of information about your child's fate."

You must admit, this is quite a coincidence, for two different people, both strangers to me, from different parts of the world, to send me e-mails within a week of each other telling me that Michaela was in the UAE.

This second e-mail was pretty brutal. The woman expressed her sympathies and said she wanted to help, but for the most part the e-mail was filled with descriptions of the horrible things that would likely have befallen Michaela in this situation, from rape to frequent beating to the likelihood of having contracted HIV. It was really hard to read. In addition to the description of these horrors, the email explained why it would be difficult if not impossible to retrieve her from there if that is where she was, which I found odd since the title of the e-mail indicated that she wanted to help me find Michaela. She told me that the best way was to hook up with underground feminist networks in the Persian Gulf, but didn't say how to do that.

So at this point I'm kind of at a loss. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is ready to send flyers about Michaela to the American embassies in the region, but they have told me that it is actually against the law to distribute missing flyers in the UAE. I understand the human trafficking is quite prevalent in the area, and it is being done by the wealthy and powerful. But I can't say anything because I really don't know. Perhaps they just don't want flyers cluttering up their country? Perhaps, given that it is the Las Vegas of the Middle East, they just don't want to bring vacationers down with such things as missing flyers. At any rate, it's illegal.

The only thing I can think of to do is to reach out and continue reaching out. I lie awake at night and visualize my fingers as tendrils wrapping themselves around the globe to touch my daughter, because if this could possibly be true, if she could possibly be living in the absolutely horrific conditions that this e-mail described, I have got to do whatever I can to reach her. If she is "changed too much for remember," then let's help jog her memory.

Michaela, Michaela, if you are out there, if you read this message, you do not have to live ever in conditions of abuse. You are a beautiful soul, a woman of the greatest value, someone who is completely and deeply and forever loved. I LOVE YOU! I want to hold you in my arms and surround you with warmth and gentleness to wash away the fear and sorrow of all the years we have been apart. Right now if you will close your eyes, you have feel that river of love flowing over you right where you are, and Michaela it is not even my love alone, but hundreds, thousands of people the world over send their love to you still, each and every day. Feel it, Michaela, and let it give you the strength to break free. You can call me. If you are in another country, Michaela, you can call me by dialing 00-1-510-701-5449. Talk to me. Tell me where you are, and we will find a way to free you and bring you home. And if you have children, we will find a way to free them and bring them home also.

If you are someone who is in another country and you know where Michaela is being held, you may use that number to call also, or you can call our investigator at 00-1-293-7079, or e-mail me at, or If you give me information, I will do everything in my power to protect your identity. And if you are a person who has Michaela, or who knows where Michaela is, please just give us information we can follow up on. The Persian Gulf is a huge region, and the UAE is a very large country. Narrowing it to a city is helpful. But if you can give me a street, a name, a destination, then we will be able to find Michaela.

If you don't know where she is, but if you can help, please e-mail me at Please, please distribute this blog on the Arab language social networking websites. Send it to all your friends and ask then to send it to all their friends. If you are or know of those underground feminist groups in the UAE, or human trafficking groups in the UAE, please put me in touch with them. Our investigators on local and federal levels are willing to get in there and work this lead, but if all they have it a country to go on, there is not a lot that they can do.

In the days and weeks to come, I am going to try to reach out to international media, so please wish me luck with this. As I said, someone recently accused me of being unrealistic in wanting a "fairytale ending" to Michaela's story. At first I thought that the term "fairytale" was completely out of place here, but I realized it is not. At heart, most "fairytales" actually are horror stories, and this has certainly been a horror story. It is statistically "unrealistic" to think you might end up in the midst of one of these horrible fairytales, because very few kids fall victim to long-term unsolved stranger abductions. Most missing kids are family abductions or runaways. So all I have to say is that if we could have beat those odds and ended up in this horror story, then we can beat the odds and find that happy ending.

I don't know about Prince Charming, Michaela, but your mom and all your family are waiting here with open arms, longing for you to just come home.

I love you forever. I will never stop loving you, and I will never stop looking for you.


  1. Sharon,
    I am a computer programer that lives in Flordia. I am sure you are already aware of this. If not I would like to think Rob or whoever is working this case locally in your area has already check into this.

    The fact that 1 email can from one county and 1 came from the USA really is not strange at all. To be brutally honest with you. Being the computer geek I am, I know how to open an email account in Ireland and send you an email from Ireland from that account, then turn around and do the same thing put make it happen from Spain, then China, then Vermont, Texas, Georgia, Oregon and Colorado. So while it genuinly appears you are getting 8 different emails, from 8 different people, and being traced to 8 different locations I can do all of this from my living room in Flordia without you or your Inspector/Investigator being the wiser.

    Hackers/Programers/Gamers/ and Frauds/Con-Artist/Scammers all know how to do this. Sounds as if you have a gamer playing with you! The fact the person who answered the phone and spoke to your employer. Does NOT sound like someone who honestly knows anything. I would bet you literally any sum of money, It's a con artist who was looking to play on your emotions and or get money out of you. Not someone who was expecting to get a phone from your employer taking his gamer/player self seriously.

  2. Mark, I am aware of that. However, the fact is that the guy DID sound like he knew something. He was not at all surprised by the situation. And I've been doing this for 23 years, and in the course of 23 years I can only recall two occasions in all that time when anybody has tried to play any games with this, and both of those occasions were when children (yes, children) called pretending to be Michaela. Honestly, I think it is far more likely that someone would have information and be reluctant to give details than that someone would go to all this trouble to try to put one over on me, and if someone did actually go to that trouble I'd have to believe it must be someone who is somehow actually involved in the case, because someone would have to have some sort of motivation. And by the way, the guy who the email address belongs to IS actually in Russia. There is no question about that.

    Your scenario just doesn't seem plausible.

    1. I agree, Sharon. We have not had many people calling and trying to pull something with us about Jessie, though we were warned there would be many. I think this sounds like 2 very good leads.

  3. Wow, Sharon that second email... How did she know about the AEU thing? I think your on the right track here, I pray this is it, and of course you and Michaela are always in my prayers

    Jennifer Barnard

  4. Google stats for my blog readers. These are just those countries with statistically significant readerships. Note the last one.

    Pageviews by Countries

    United States
    United Kingdom
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    United Arab Emirates

    1. p.s. There are now 78,342 views to this Youtube video! ” Footprints in the Sand Leona Lewis dedicated to missing Michaela Garecht”

  5. Seems funny to me that the 2nd one knew a little too much about the age, year and where she went, or at least where she thinks. I sure hope someone is following up on that lead

  6. Sharon, this video was on the Huffington Post. At 2:22, there's an interview with a woman who works with an Abu Dhabi rescue organization. The video is three years old, but perhaps this woman could shed some light.

    Hang in there, Sharon. You're amazing.


    1. Awesome . . . that is someone you need to get in touch with!

  7. Thanks Wendy. It's frightening, really. I'm going to see what I can do.

  8. I find it sad that someone would think it is disturbing that a mother would choose to HOPE her child is alive.
    Back when Michaela first went missing I worked a a campus police officer and spent days posting her missing fliers in our area. I now have 3 daughters of my own 21,19,15. I have never stopped hoping you would be reunited with your daughter someday.

    Could you post something on your twitter with a link to your blog so we can then re-post the heck out of it. I think it is important the original post comes from you so we can increase your followers. Ideally it would be great if each time you posted on your blog you posted a link on twitter. Just a simple Please help me find my daughter #Michaela and the link. If I can help in any way please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. I don't use Twitter and don't have any followers to speak of on the account I do have, but you can post this blog on twitter. There is even a link at the bottom of the right hand column to do that.

    Thanks, Shelly, for hoping with me!

  10. In the past, I believe you've found fault with Noreen Gosch's theories about the Franklin Scandal/pedophile ring and her son Johnny's involvement in it. It's been a while, but I remember your commenting on the confusion around the composite sketch of Michaela's kidnapper matching that of Johnny's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one really knows how the two cases ended up using the same sketch, is that right?

    However many holes in Noreen's theories we may find, is it too much of a coincidence that Johnny's supposedly in too deep with this ring to come home, and leads are coming in about Michaela's having been kidnapped and trafficked...all the while someone has connected the cases, which occurred worlds apart--California and Iowa, was it?--with a composite sketch?

    Something has been eating at me lately: Garrido often threatened to sell Jaycee to people who would put her in cages. This chilling testimony has always reminded me of Michaela's poem about kidnapped victims being locked away. Maybe Garrido knows something about the trafficking business in California. Have your investigators been able to interview him? We know Jaycee wasn't his first kidnap victim. We know Jaycee hasn't spoken of others on the compound with her. But we also know she was under lock and key, herself for quite some time. Perhaps his threats were idle. But maybe they weren't. If I recall correctly, your investigators were satisfied that Garrido didn't have anything to do with Michaela's case. But maybe a monster LIKE Garrido does correlate...and maybe Garrido can help point the way.

    Best of luck to you as you await the findings of these latest leads. You are a source of inspiration.

  11. Part 1: Actually, Penny, we DO know how they came to use the same sketch as in Michaela's case. The sketch was created by a police officer's wife after Michaela was kidnapped, based on her interpretation of what she thought a colorized version of our composite would look like. Unfortunately, we never asked the eyewitness at the time if she thought it was accurate, and when we did get around to discussing it with her, she said that it was not.

    It came to be used in the Johnny Gosch case when Paul Bonnachi, the diagnosed schizophrenic, claimed to have helped take part in Johnny's actual kidnapping and used our color composite to identify the getaway driver, who he said was named Tony. I first saw that they were using our color composite when I saw it on America's Most Wanted. AMW had not been told the origins of the sketch by the Gosch camp, so we had to go to our local Fox affiliate and have them run the tapes for us, which we took to the FBI. Believe me, we -- meaning me and my crew of friends who helped me with Michaela's case -- ran this through the mill, including having the private investigator who had been working on the Gosh case come to my house to meet with the bunch of us. At that time he told us that he didn't know anything about any possible girls being involved in what the author of the book by the name called the Franklin Conspiracy.

    Later I appeared on the Leeza Gibbons show with Noreen and some other families of missing kids. Of course, we were on there together because of the fact that both of the cases were using the same composite. Years AFTERWARDS, Noreen began claiming that on that show was the first time she had seen the color composite and that she recognized it as being someone who had been involved in Johnny's case. This is absolutely positively NOT the case. It's completely backwards. However, she was adamant about her version of the truth. It was a minor thing, but the fact that I did know the facts surrounding this made me distrust Noreen's version of the "facts" regarding other things. Whether that mistrust is deserved or not, I can't say for certain, but as a paralegal I can tell you that once the court knows you are not telling the truth in one area, they make a finding of lack of credibility, which taints everything else you say, and that's one of the things that happened in this case.

    It also strains the credibility of the situation when the witness in Johnny's case claims that this color composite looks like their getaway driver, while the eyewitness in Michaela's case is saying that actually it is not a good likeness of our kidnapper. Again, neither composites nor eyewitnesses can be considered 100 percent reliable. If I were to witness a horrible thing like that I think my mind would shut down and try not to absorb it, if you know what I mean, so that's not 100 percent one way or the other either.

  12. Part 2: As far as Garrido goes, our investigators did, finally and at long, long last, get to interview both Philip and Nancy Garrido extensively, and they also submitted to polygraph examinations, and based on all the evidence collected, on the interviews and the polygraphs, as well as information collected by the FBI from their interviews with Jaycee, it was concluded that he was not involved in Michaela's kidnapping. As for him threatening to sell Jaycee to people who would keep her in a cage, I couldn't say one way or another. I think parents have occasionally threatened to sell their kids to the circus, not seriously of course. Who knows? But it seems he doesn't have any information about Michaela.

    Believe me, we DO have information about Michaela, and we do even have information about Michaela which could tie into sex trafficking. At the very least, that would include her having been identified by more than one witness in a credible setting as having been in a location outside of the U.S. that was related to a known international trafficker in at least child porn. If this is true, then at the very least it would mean that Michaela was not kidnapped by someone like Herzog, who was out for the thrill of an act of violence, but by someone who was obviously involved in trafficking. There have been those who have crossed my path over the years that I personally suspect might have been involved.

    But at this point, everything is frustratingly a matter of speculation. What we need is factual information. To be quite honest, I am ready to sponsor a law allowing the use of waterboarding in criminal investigations into crimes like this, because I am so frustrated. I understand people are reluctant to get involved. If this is an international sex trafficking ring, they are powerful and well organized and likely people do not want to cross them. It's not your corner pimp crack dealer, and Lord knows those are bad news enough.

    I just want this message to reach out, crawl through the webs of communication, and reach Michaela. I want her to remember who she is, that she is loved, and for her to reach back. We can save her.

    You know, I keep thinking, this is MY DAUGHTER. It is my God-given right to protect her. I do not understand how this right can have been denied to me for so long, and it is just plain making me furious that anybody could think that they could take my child and do with her whatever they want. Eventually, one way or another, it will come back on them. Eventually, what they have done will be known.

    1. Sharon, thanks for recapping the Gosch connection. I've been confused about that for a long time.

      And for what it's worth, I agree that Herzog doesn't seem to measure up as a viable suspect. How frustrating it must be for you that people want you to want him to be the one.

      I'd support you in the bill you wish to sponsor: I know you're frustrated, with or without some of the comments of resistance you're experiencing on this site, but you're right. She's your daughter. You do have rights to protect her. She has rights to be protected. You CAN help her. She WILL remember.

  13. Sharon, I recall you saying before, and as you did here that you suspected someone close to you as being possibly involved. If I remember correctly, he was VERY much into taking family photos of you and your children, and you have run into him at least once over the years since you severed the relationship. Correct anything I say here, if I'm not correct. Anyway, how much has this person or his aquaintances been investigated?

    This is all very frightening stuff. It is real, and very scary that there are those in this world that would value a dollar over a human life. I have to remind myself that when we believe in God, we also have to remind ourselves that this makes the existance of the evil that surrounds us all too real.
    I will pray tonight that you have more leads come in on this new development.

    Paula - Illinois

  14. Paula, you get the blog reader of the week prize. The answer to your question is not enough! There is just too much to do and not enough time or resources.

  15. Well, I try to take it all in, in case something hits me. I have said before I have an autistic child, and I belong to huge blog lists, and I monitor a couple of them that are HUGE. So, I need to go off subject and post a link to your site. I know on one of my lists we hit a lot of countries. I have been drawn to your situation for 2 years and I never miss checking at least once a week. Some days you and Michaela cross my mind a lot more, and I check more for updates. Neither of you ever leave my mind. I will continue to pass along the information and link to this site. I just wish I could do more for you and her. My mind and heart can not fathom what you or Michalea have gone through, and just know, you are both in so many hearts.

    Paula - Illinois

  16. Thank you, Paula ... and everyone. <3

  17. Hmmm, if I may offer my .02 cents...

    I don't know about this lead. Judging from the suspect composite, what would an 20-25 year old white man in the Bay Area be doing working for people in the Middle East?


    1. You know, James, the UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. You don't think that those wealthy people who might want blonde American children would be over here doing the dirty work, do you, where they could possibly end up in jail for such a bold thing as grabbing a little girl off the street?

  18. They don't make a little money off of stealing a young child, woman, young boy, etc.... They get a nice roll. A lot more than they could get stealing nickel and dime stuff or pan handling. They certainly are going to be the lowest in the food chain, and this composite shows that. Just my opinion.

  19. It would be easy to take a girl off the streets and sell to a group that is local to UAE. This guy does not need to be working there, or even have been there. He could have just been a part of a big chain. Not to say this is a good lead or bad, but that argument by James does not seem to have any merit. On a similar token though, how many white kids are there in UAE voluntarily? Would they not stick out like a sore thumb and be more easily noticeable? Sharon do you know if there are more whites in the trafficking/porno industry in UAE? Is it possible to get in touch with some group working with rescues or even monitoring drug or sex industries and ask for help?

    The woman who sent the email who wanted to help but also "knew" that Michaela was kidnapped to the UAE - did you even find out the identity of that woman? How does she know or believe Michaela is in the UAE? Getting hold of her might lend more credibility to this lead ...

    - Abby

  20. Abby, I've sent her a couple of e-mails and she hasn't answered. As I said previously, she indicated that she doesn't know specifically where Michaela would be there, or in what circumstances, so if she has information it's limited, and if she is not willing to give it, it's pretty hard to force the issue.

    I was going to say that I do not understand why people would not want to help, but I guess I do understand. If it is an organized criminal group, I imagine they do not want to get in their cross-hairs. But they can help without anybody knowing who they are, and I wish they would. If they directed us to the right person or right place, the burden would be off them.

    1. Sharon, I understand. But we don't even need her to provide more information or her identity or any more help. But some way for us to know that her information comes from a valid place. How does she know what she knows? If we know that there is some validity to her statement, if there's a photo from 10 years ago, there's some note from somewhere, someone we could talk to - anything to indicate she has more info than any person walking on the street, then we could pressurize human rights groups, government, get volunteers, organize a search based on that info. Otherwise, what's the point of that email? I'm guessing you were not able to track her down the way you could with the russian man?

      I am getting off my soap box now. I'm probably just going to read more from now on, I am very worried that I will hurt your feelings in some way by questioning the lead. But I really want to help, and nothing would make me happier than seeing a picture of you and Michaela together one day.

      - Abby

  21. Sharon,
    I have had that thought for a long time,that this is what happend with Michaela (I'm saying a STRONG gut feeling and don't know why?) it just frustrates me as to the place she might be? My thoughts on who has contacted you: Sounds to me,it is possable they were in contact with Michaela and wanted to get the word to you! Maybe they are afraid or can't contact you again ,because it is dangerious for them to do so? reguardless....I feel This needs to be taken seriously and all corners need to be looked into to find her! My thoughts and Prayers are Forever with you and Michaela!

  22. Sharon, I am the one who posted last (Feb 27/2012)
    Michaela was on my mind,when i went to sleep last night and i feel the need to tell you my dream! I was searching for her and came to this strange church like building (like the temples shown in Russia) When I went in ,I saw Michaela there kneeling on a large red and gold rug(I just knew it was her)! We were in a Verry large hall like room (there were large doors going into another large room on her far(r) side and I was facing her (L) side (the entry Large doors were behind me) There was a man (about in his late 30's-early 40's) standing behind her looking at me! Michaela had Verry long blond hair (kind of sandy blond) and she was dressed in Black! I remember looking at her and a voice (it wasn't spoken,but i heard it strangly in my head) say...NO it's Russia! Then the dream went to me on a sidewalk on a street,by a van being filled with girls! For some reason I had a passport and the same man,that was there in the temple took it from me! I then ran looking for a phone booth and i found one,but it didn't look like ours! I tried to call out! I was frantic trying to find a way to contact home to let them know how to find me and then i woke!
    From the time i was a little girl i would have dreams,that i later found to be that of a message, and i guess this is why i feel a need to tell you about it!
    Today my dream was haunting me,so i went online and was looking up what i could about UAE (as i seen what you posted about it) i found a "date" site for there! can order a date with a group of girls??? hummmm? below is a link to it! I don't know if i'm any help at all (and i don't want to be a burden) ,but thought I might let you know! Thoughts and Prayers! Lori
    P.S. Please excuse any spelling mistakes,as i am the worst at spelling!

    1. There are a handful of girls on that site that look similar to Michaela.

  23. It's a scary thought that this sex trafficking ring has been going on since the 80's or longer. I totally believe these leads as I've read for years the desire for blond children. To this day I believe this ring is responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCain as well.

    Much luck in your quest in finding the truth and Mikaela.

  24. Sharon, with my whole heart and soul, I hope you soon find Michaela. Maybe this is it!! maybe, this is the lead you have been waiting for. I pray every day, that she will come home to you. God bless.

  25. It really sounds so plausible that Michaela was trafficked. My mother always asks me, of all these longstanding cases of missing children, "where do you think they are?" and I feel many have been trafficked. I hope this is THE lead. I hope she comes home soon.

  26. I know you don't know me, and I'm no psychic, but I am someone who wholeheartedly believes in intuition. And I have this strong feeling in my gut that Michaela is still alive. I don't know why I do and I really contemplated not posting anything because it would seem unfair for a complete stranger to give you false hope without being able to even explain it but as I was done reading your blog I right clicked my mouse to "copy" UAE and when I right clicked "paste" the computer made the strangest sound and it pasted this instead "vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv" i don't know maybe I'm crazy but it would seem like it was almost pointing to the UAE. I really hope you find your daughter alive, and get a happy ending to your nightmare.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. And don't ever apologize for giving hope. Hope can't be false. It can only be hope.

  27. one of my sister lives in dubai,UAE.let me find out if she can do something to help.i introduced her to your blog in 2010.between her husband and her kid i don't know if she has the time to read your blog regularly but she is already familiar with michaela's story.

    1. Thanks. I don't know what an individual can do there, though. I do know that it is against the law to distribute Missing flyers there!

  28. This comment is a bit late, but I found a profile of a woman on a UAE dating site. While her age is off, she strongly resembles the age-progression picture of Michaela.

  29. “p.s.” ..

  30. “Published: October 26, 2013-re “human trafficking in the UAE.”:'( ..” Ewa’a partners with several Abu Dhabi entities to support victims by providing shelter, rehabilitation, education and helping them return to their countries of origin with dignity.”..” The Abu Dhabi shelter accommodates 60 women and children.”
    ..Ewa’a, meaning “to shelter”, is a non-profit initiative under the umbrella of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Under the agreement, TAQA will provide support over the next three years to the upkeep of Ewa’a’s three shelters for vulnerable women and children
    .It reflects the UAE’s long-standing commitment to combat human trafficking and protect its victims. As part of a national action plan, the UAE has also set up a National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, which works with various ministries and non-government organisations.” (Help for innocence matters)