Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Blog

I wanted to let everybody know that I have started a second blog, which can be reached by clicking on the tab "Just Sharon." I have had several blogs over the last few years, each on different subjects, and I just wanted one place where I could just be myself. Of course I will still keep Dear Michaela.

This is the note I put in the right hand column, about the reason for this new blog.

I am a writer in my heart, and I have this compulsion to turn my thoughts into written words. For years I kept journals, but the process of writing by hand has become so laborious now that I'm used to using a keyboard, so a blog seems logical.

But my motivation is to touch other people. Before you read my blog, it is important for you to know that I have not arrived in any of the areas about which I write. It is my hope that someone might identify with my struggles, and as we struggle together we might be able to inspire each other, and perhaps even to succeed here and there!

The other people I want to be able to reach out to are my children. I have kept another blog, www.dearmichaela.com, and with the exception of Libby, I don't think any of them has ever read it. But it's there, and this will be here. Loss, the experience of it and the fear of it, has haunted me for awhile now. I know that a day will come when I am not here, and if my children ever need to hear my voice, they will be able to, right here.

Then there is my other child, Michaela Joy Garecht, who was kidnapped on November 19, 1988. Although I write to her and about her on Dear Michaela, this will be here also, so that if she is out there and wants to get to know her mom, she can.

Thank you all for bearing with me.


  1. Hey! I know you have a lot and maybe you wont be able to reply to this, but I"m new to blogger and I have no idea how to follow your blog. I would like to follow it but I can't seem to find a "Follow" button. Can you please tell me how to do so? Thank you!

  2. Hmmm I don't know. I'll have to check. Are you talking about this blog or the other one?

    1. Never mind! I found out how! I subscribed to both (:

    2. In that case you are ahead of me!