Monday, March 23, 2015

Song for Michaela

Garth Brooks has done it again. First there was "The Dance," which has always spoken my feelings about having had Michaela for a short time, and now this one. I could just hear Michaela having this conversation with God before she was born, always felt that she came into this life with some reluctance. I am just so very very sorry, Michaela, that I was not able to fulfill that promise to keep you safe.

Oh my heart hurts, Michaela. I longed so much for you before you were born, and have loved you so much every day since then. Sorry, but the words just fail me. All I have is tears.

Love you forever, baby girl,


  1. Oh Sharon! I can't comprehend your pain! I know I can't really say anything that can bring you comfort! I know only God can do that for you, so I pray he does. I know Michaela knows now, or if not now because she is still here, but she will absolutely know all that is in your heart, that you would have done anything to save her!

  2. ((((*))))
    Wind Beneath My Wings (Instrumental)

  3. Keep being strong Sharon. Michaela was stolen from you and you have unfinished business together. One day you'll be reunited. I believe that with all my heart.


  4. Once upon a time there was a charming Princess. The clouds in the sky were her beautiful palace. With waterfalls of rainbow sparkles she would sit by an eternal spring and never thirst.
    One day she rained out of the sky onto the Earth into clear water riverbeds with rainbow pillows. She floated in a dreamland where mountains were so very, very high and oceans so very, very deep. She floated through villages of happily waving people and smiling children.
    On occasion she would stop at a village and the people would clap their hands in rhythm and the beautiful Princess would dance and sing songs she knew would be sung by many a girl as pretty as her. She was well loved and bestowed love in return.
    One night as she was sleeping, in her dream she heard a firm voice say, "Please be patient until the day you are to return to the kingdom from which you were born, here you cannot stay." In her dream she smiled. With a kind, gentle voice she answered, "I wouldn't want it any other way."
    She slept peacefully that night dreaming she was sitting near a spring of ever pure water with waterfalls of sparkling rainbow light.

  5. Michaela SwanepoelJanuary 12, 2018 at 2:20 PM

    Hi Sharon, my name is Michaela, I was searching the web for songs that were written for a Michaela (saw it on a movie somewhere) then I stumbled accross your website for your daughter. You are a very strong woman and I will pray for the both of you. Your love for her is unreal and anyone can see that.